General Knowledge Lesson Plan – Preschool Lessons


“Considering ‘Rainy Season’ as a General Knowledge lesson plan topic to be explained to children as subject web method in below format..”

General Knowledge lesson plan for teachers

  • Topic : ‘Rainy Season’
  • Sub topic : Seasons
  • Teaching Aid : Soft toys of Mickey mouse, Pooh & Noddy, clothes and objects for the soft toys related to the three main seasons.
  • Introduction to topic : Informal talk about the three main seasons.
  • Presentation : Teacher will take the students to the puppetry hall for a puppet show.

    Season :  Summer
    Character: Mickey

    • We feel very hot and wear loose cotton clothes.
    • We get fruits like mango, watermelon, muskmelon, sweet-lime and orange.
    • We celebrate festivals like Holi.

    Season: Winter
    Character: Pooh

    • We feel very cold and wear woolen clothes.
    • We get fruits like strawberry, guava, kiwi, fig, and dates.
    • We celebrate festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Makar-Sankranti and Republic Day.

    Season:  Rainy
    Character: Noddy.

    • We feel hot or cold and wear synthetic clothes.
    • We get fruits like Papaya
    • We celebrate festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day & Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • Recapitulation : 1. Name any two festivals we celebrate in the winter season ? 2. What clothes do we wear in the summer season?
  • Activity :  Sorting & Grouping

    Teacher will make three corners in the classroom by putting a board with the names of the three seasons and keep the soft toy in each corner as per the puppet show. She will keep one basket in the middle of the classroom filled up with clothes and objects for the soft toys related to the three main seasons. Then she will make children form three groups and make each group sit in the corner made for them. Then as per the season of their group children will go near the basket. (one group at a time) and sort out all the clothes and objects related to their corner.

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