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Start a Preschool Or Kindergarten Of Own – Start Up Checklist

Start a Preschool Or Kindergarten Of Own – Start Up Checklist


“So you are ready with your preschool / kindergarten start up plan, yet need more depth information on how to start a preschool and what are the basic requirements in setting up you own kindergarten play group in your location etc. Many such question arise when you start your own business, the below checklist will help you get the head start on preschool start up requirements and some key points to note to compete with others..”

Starting up a preschool – checklist

Although every preschool setup has its own requirements, follow below checklist that will help with more smooth start up. No matter where ever you start a kindergarten, it can be your first start up or a expansion with a new preschool franchise of your own brand, this checklist will help.

  • Proper building with compound : Now since its can be a children play group, pre-primary education center or just a activity center of your own, the basic and most important requirement is children security when they are away from parents with you. Its the responsibility of preschool owner to have a well planned building, villa or any home that has proper compound around. Children should not be able to jump and run around.
  • Play ground or garden : Every preschool has a special activity method of teaching children which is quite famous known as ‘play way method‘ which includes outdoor games too. A nice play ground or a garden attached to your newly started playgroup will boost your customer base and will attract more children.
  • Proper urinal / bathroom facilities : Now this is one of the very important point in checklist to be considered as priority while starting a preschool / kindergarten in any location of world. WHY ? you are going to take care of kids and they are very young to understand the toilet manners. In fact, toilet manners will be part of your daily preschool timetable and it can be a headache if you forgot to notice how well is premise with this.
  • Beautiful and safe interiors : Here comes the customer point of view. Just think there are 2 new preschool started near your home, one looking very beautiful with nice interiors and safety equipments and other one which has good start up promotion but lacking interiors and safety for your children ? Yes for sure ‘safety first’. The furniture and look and feel of newly started kindergarten should be the best. It should attract children as well as parents. Should have happy looking colorful pictures, no edge of furniture pointed that can risk children etc.
  • Are you certified ECCE teacher ? : Now, if you are starting a preschool of your own and going to teach yourself, Get certified first from  a reputed institute in your city teaching ECCE (Early Childhood Care Education ) courses and then with some experience go ahead to start kindergarten or play group of your dream. If for example, starting preschool in India, checkout the legal formalities as Municipal corporation (Government Body) ask for Certificate to start such activities as commercial business. See preschool education in India for more details.
  • Preschool curriculum planning : What are you going to teach your children, Know list of holidays, list of indoor and outdoor games / activities, fees structure, evaluation, preschool timetable, qualified staff members and teachers and also non-teaching staff like maid. Preschool curriculum and other kindergarten planning for start up is must to keep note of.
  • Location of your preschool : Property planning to start a preschool is a must and most important, remember its a children business and parent prefers the nearest and best location. Your play group should be best in ground floor or any building, bungalow, villa etc and should be  spacious enough. It attract parents, no elevator risk, no height risk for children. The very important point in this checklist is that it should be reached in minimum time from children home. A junction or township common location is best for start up.
  • Advertising your new start up : Reaching every home near your newly started preschool business is very important, target schools where parents meet, gardens and ice cream parlors are where you can reach your customer in first phase of starting. A good hand colored bills with kids, cartoons and play activities listed will sell more. List some of your less technical terms that parents can understand like worksheets, age group details, play group activities like drawing, craft, songs, poems and other preschool fum activities. Also list creatives and art topics, health related like yoga, dance activities that you can teach children in starting stage of your preschool. List all preschool games that you are going to cover. In short describe the need and importance of preschool in children life.
  • Plan your worksheet well : The best you plan in early stage the less the overwork later. checkout the do and don’t of worksheet planning for same.

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